Why? Baby Classes!

There are a lot of activities and classes to try with your little one, even when they’re at a very young age! Two classes that we’ve found are great both for Jeffrey and us are Kindermusik and Stroller Babes.

Matthew and I started taking Jeffrey to Kindermusik when he was only six weeks old. While this might sound like an incredibly young age, Jeffrey has always really responded to music and we thought this would be a great way to get him more exposure to music, as well as to other children.

The summer class, “Peekaboo, I love you,” was for children up to age one-and-a-half. While Jefferey was the youngest in the class, we found he really enjoyed the songs, instruments, and time with other kids.


Each class is 45 minutes long and goes through various songs, paired with instruments, dances, and interactive time for parents and children. This is something Matthew and I can do together with Jeffrey, which is great. My Mom also takes Jeffrey to a Kindermusik class during the week, so he gets double the music fun!

I loved seeing how our inhibitions went away as we bounced and danced and acted silly throughout the classes.


Our fall class, “Zoom Buggy,” starts tomorrow and I can’t wait to see Jeffrey’s reactions, especially as he becomes more aware and expressive every day. With each class session, you receive materials for home, including a CD of the class songs, a story book, and tips how to incorporate Kindermusik at home. I will say, singing along with the CD in the car has gotten a lot of smiles from Jeffrey! There are classes for various age ranges at locations around Cleveland, so check out the website if you’re interested.

I also signed up for Stroller Babes, after hearing about it from my friend Patty. I asked Missy, a Stroller Babes founder and instructor, to tell me in her words what Stroller Babes is all about:

We wanted to start Stroller Babes so that moms in our area could get a great workout without sacrificing time with their babies. It is also a great way to get moms connected with one another. It is tough to stay social when you have little ones at home, but Stroller Babes classes provide the opportunity for moms to make new friends who all share the same passion for fitness.

Image courtesy of Stroller Babes
Image courtesy of Stroller Babes

A Stroller Babes class combines walking/jogging/running with cardio and stretching exercises, along with time to play with your kiddo and chat with other moms. Personally, I’ve found that Jeffrey loves the time in the park and I love the chance to connect with women in the same spot in life, as well as get in a much-needed workout, so it’s a win-win(-win)!

Image courtesy of Stroller Babes
Image courtesy of Stroller Babes

Stroller Babes has classes 4 days a week, at various times and locations on the east side of Cleveland, so both working and stay-at-home moms can participate. Stroller Babes also schedules play dates, free introductory classes, and mom’s nights out for even more fun! To find out more and sign up for a class, click here.

Both Kindermusik and Stroller Babes provide great ways for us to interact with Jeffrey and other parents, with fun activities that all of us can enjoy!


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