Why? Weekends!

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What a perfect fall weekend! The weather was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun pre-Halloween activities planned. But, let’s start out on Friday morning instead. My friend Stephanie and I have been meaning to make plans, but schedules being what they are, getting together has been tough.

Then we realized that we pass the same little donut shop in the mornings and the idea for a donut date was born. So, Friday morning, I met up with Stephanie for coffee, donuts, and lots of catching up at Royal Donut. This was my neighborhood donut shop growing up and is still my favorite.

Stephanie mentioned how nice it would be to be retired and just sit and chat in the donut shop all day. I definitely agree, but since we’re not, we had a quick donut date and then it was off to work.

On Saturday evening, Matthew and I took Jeffrey to the Hauntaquarium at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.


Jeffrey was a lion and we were his keepers (literal hat-tip to Amanda and Scott for letting us borrow their hats.) The aquarium was decked out with Halloween decorations, trick-or-treat stations, spooky music, and there was even a Pirate Party in one of the upstairs rooms. I wasn’t sure about Halloween activities for this year, but Jeffrey loves watching our fish tank at home, so I figured it was worth a shot.

PicMonkey Collage

Jeffrey absolutely loved watching the fish and turtles and we heard lots of excited squeals from him. This was definitely a fun event that even a little one could enjoy!

For not so little ones, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is hosting the Lake Erie Monster Bash for those 21+ on Friday, October 31, with zombies haunting the aquarium, a dance party, a costume contest, and more. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online.

On Sunday, we had an opportunity to show off Jeffrey’s other Halloween costume at a special Kindermusik Halloween party.


There were songs for both kids (“5 Little Pumpkins”) and grown-ups (“Ghost Busters”) and fun games and it was yet another great way to celebrate the holiday with Jeffrey.

So, we had a very kid-centered Halloween weekend, but what I love is that we’ve been able to balance weekends like this with weekends of dinners with friends and grown-up fun too. It’s certainly not an easy tight-rope to walk, but we’re doing our best and seeing how happy Jeffrey was this weekend, I think we’re doing OK!

How was your weekend?


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