Why? Disney’s Newsies!

It was a quiet weekend and start to the week, which usually just means something really big is brewing! Last night qualifies, as Mom and I had incredible third-row center seats to see “Disney’s Newsies” at Playhouse Square.


A lot of you probably remember loving the “Newsies” movie, which came out in 1992 (cue feeling old.) I vividly remember listening to the soundtrack cassette tape over and over in my Walkman. And while “Seize the Day” is certainly the well-known anthem from “Newsies,” my own personal favorite song has always been “King of New York.” I was surprised at how many other songs I remembered while at the show last night, though…Disney certainly knows how to write soundtracks that stick with you!

But, no matter which songs you loved from the movie (or even if you never saw the movie), the “Newsies” musical is a rousing, fun, energetic romp through the story of turn-of-the-century kids selling newspapers and their gutsy decision to take on the powers that be.

What I especially loved about the musical was the athleticism and talent displayed in the dance numbers. The cast were all perfectly on cue with each other and the stage was often completely filled with wall-to-wall dancers. My preference with musicals tends toward the big, bold, bright, 1940’s-esque shows, so a show with lots of chorus, big dance numbers, and a lot of heart is right up my alley.

“Newsies” shows its playful side off-stage too. There is a fun photo op, where you can get your picture in the “pape,” just like the newsies!


If you share on social media with the hashtages “#SeizetheDayCLE” and “#NewsiesonTour,” you might just see your face on the Playhouse Square screens as you’re leaving the show!

There’s also really adorable “Newsies” merchandise! Just in time for hat season, I love this new addition to my collection:


If you already have tickets, you are in for quite the fun evening! If you want to get in on the energy of “Newsies,” tickets are extremely limited.

But, the #SeizeSingleSeats option can help! You use the pick-a-seat map to choose a single seat (meaning the seats immediately next to it are both already sold). Buy your ticket and in addition, you get a concession voucher good for pre-show or intermission, plus a “Newsies” swag bag! Think about it: you get to see the show, you get some fun bonus gifts, and you’re not going to talk during the show anyway, right? No, you’re going to be watching those adorable newsies sing and dance their hearts out!

“Disney’s Newsies” runs at the Connor Palace Theatre from now until Sunday, November 16. Check it out if you can. I promise you’ll have a high-energy evening and be humming and toe-tapping throughout the next day!

***Disclosure: I was invited by Playhouse Square to attend the media night of “Disney’s Newsies” with a guest. I received two tickets to the show, as well as a Newsies tote bag and newsboy cap. All opinions, love of hats, and obsession with musicals from my childhood are 100% my own.***


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