Why? Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, dear readers! Each year, I think I’ve reached my peak capacity for thankfulness and each year I’ve been proven wrong. As we gather around the table this year with Jeffrey, on his sixth-month birthday no less, my heart is fuller than ever with love and joy and hopefulness.

It is extraordinary how love builds upon itself. First, way back before a lot of you “knew” me, I learned to love myself (although that’s certainly a continually evolving process). Then, I learned with Matthew how to truly love another person. And then multiply that by Jeffrey. It’s all a process, it’s all a journey. And it’s one for which I could not be more grateful.

Photo Credit - Lane Baldwin Photography
Photo Credit – Lane Baldwin Photography

So, as you sit around wherever your Thanksgiving table may be, with whomever you may be sharing it, I wish for you a profound sense of gratitude for whatever your journey may be, wherever it has led you so far, and wherever it may take you next.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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