Why? Weekends!

And by weekend, I mean the extended holiday “weekend” that started on Wednesday and just wrapped up yesterday. This year, Christmas was all about Jeffrey and his first Christmas was really quite something!

On Christmas Eve, we went over to my parents’ house for a traditional Eastern European meatless meal (breaded fish, mashed potatoes, and creamed peas), opening lots of presents, and going to Christmas Eve Mass. Jeffrey took to opening presents like a pro, even though he was occasionally more interested in the paper than in what was inside the wrapping.


After we got back home and cookies, milk, and a carrot were placed on the fireplace for Santa and Rudolph, it was time to get the little guy into bed. But not before taking a moment to contemplate the magic of Christmas Eve.


I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Christmas and I thought I did a good job holding on to some sense of wonder and joy in the season, but I had no idea how joyous and how magical it would be seeing it through Jeffrey’s eyes. Even at his age, Christmas morning was a really special moment.

Is all that for me?!

Santa brought this Fisher-Price car as Jeffrey’s “big” gift and I think he was pretty happy about it!


After Christmas morning at our house, we headed to Matthew’s dad’s place for Christmas Round 3. Not only were there plenty of presents, food, and fun, but we had an opportunity to update the family photo.


I’m very lucky to have in-laws who are truly family to me!

Saturday, we met up with my friend Chris, his wife Emily, and their son Luke for breakfast at Joe’s Deli. Chris is a dear friend from high school, which means we’ve known each other nearly 20 years (eek!). I’ve always been so glad that we’ve stayed in touch all this time, but it was especially cool to have our sons, born less than a week apart, meet each other! I think they hit it off and hopefully a new 20-year-plus friendship has started!

On Sunday, my parents provided Matthew and me with a much-needed date afternoon. It was so nice to have some time to relax together after all the holiday hecticness. We started with brunch at Flour: eggs Benedict for him, the chicken and waffle special for me, and a shared order of the short-rib and mushroom hash.

PicMonkey Collage

The hash, served with a spicy hollandaise sauce, was my stand-out favorite of the meal. It was flavorful, earthy, and entirely delicious! The fried chicken on the waffles was also really tasty, but the dish could have used a bit more syrup for the waffles.

From there, we did a bit of shopping (I found my Jump Back Ball dress!) and then ended on a sweet note at Mitchell’s Ice Cream, with a Holiday Fudge sundae for Matthew (substitute dark chocolate peppermint ice cream for an even richer treat) and a root beer float for me.


It was the perfect way to wrap up a perfectly wonderful holiday weekend. How was your holiday/weekend?


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