Why? Mommy Blogging!

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The other day, I had a brilliant idea for a name for a mommy blog: Pacifiers in my Pockets. I thought of this as I was driving home and quite literally had a pacifier in my pocket. Now, I have no desire to write Pacifiers in my Pockets. I have a lot of respect for mommy bloggers (and think that, like any other title, that one is somewhat limiting). But I carved out my little corner of the Internet long before I was a mommy and one corner of crazy is quite enough for me.

Believe me, I could write volumes about things like the moment this morning where Jeffrey put his head on my chest and snuggled up to watch the snow out his nursery window. I’m pretty sure my heart and head will hold on to that moment forever. It’s not for lack of things to say.

Part of me also knows that I do not have a thick skin at all and the random comments on the daily choices, struggles, and victories of parenting are not something I want to open myself up to.

Besides, I like to think Why CLE? helps keep a balance in my life, so that I mainly write about the grown-up things and let Jeffrey come in here and there (and, frankly, overrun my Instagram).

But perhaps the main reason why Pacifiers in my Pockets will never come to pass is that someone already wrote it. I’m not breaking new ground here, so I’ll just continue to learn from those who came before.

Who are some of your favorite mommy bloggers? If you were going to write a blog (or a different blog than the one you do), what would you call it?


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