Why? Weekends!

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This weekend, we had nothing planned. A whole weekend stretching out in front of us with zero on the calendar. And so we hibernated a bit, got a bit done around the house, and just generally had a nice relaxing time.

Friday evening, we were in the mood for a quick dinner out, which landed us at Jalapeno Loco for fajitas and margaritas.


Jeffrey “tasted” (barely licked) his first tortilla chip…I think he likes it!


Saturday and Sunday were both spent mainly around the house, as everyone seemed to have the same idea to stayed all curled up and warm.


We did a lot of tasty cooking, including a delicious rutabaga puree, a spicy gumbo, and jalapeno cornbread. We also discovered a new (to us) stout that Matthew is already plotting to turn into ice cream.


And considering the scene out our back door on Sunday, hibernating was the right decision!


After Jeffrey went to bed, we watched some of the Super Bowl, mainly for the ads and the halftime show. Predictably, the Budweiser puppy ad was my favorite!

It was so nice to have a low-key weekend! How was yours?


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