Why? Weekends!

It was a fun weekend and we certainly enjoyed the milder temperatures! Saturday morning, while Matthew and Jeffrey were at Gym & Swim class, my friend Chrissy and I got our downward dogs on at Alicia‘s Sweet Heat Flow at Evolution Yoga. I really love Alicia’s teaching style, which combines focus on both the mind and the body, and Evolution’s studio has a great vibe, too.

Alicia has a workshop coming up on Saturday, February 28 called Setting Intentions & Making Change – A Sankalpa Workshop that is sure to be fantastic, so check it out!

Saturday evening, I managed to pull off a surprise party for Matthew, which is fairly remarkable since I am terrible at surprises. It’s mostly because I get all excited and end up telling the person about it before it happens. Anyway, back in August, I meant to throw a small birthday party for Matthew to celebrate his birthday. I dropped the ball on that, so I decided to make it up with a surprise half-birthday party.

We headed to Willoughby Brewing Company where we met up with some wonderful guys and gals, who all managed to keep the surprise too!



We enjoyed some of Willoughby Brewing’s delicious craft beer, including my long-standing favorite, Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter and the new Take Me to Church Belgian Ale. Matthew and I also shared a baked potato pizza and the wings with Sriracha butter sauce (yum!).

It was a really fun evening and I’m so glad we were able to pull off this surprise for Matthew!

Sunday was spent around the house. I made a really tasty pulled pork in the slow cooker from a pork shoulder we got from Fresh Fork. I haven’t mentioned Fresh Fork much lately, but we’re in our third year of it and we love the high-quality fruits, vegetables, and meats we get. Plus, I make all of Jeffrey’s baby food myself, so it’s so nice to have good, fresh food to use for that.

I also stopped by Malley’s to pick up some Valentine’s gifts from Jeffrey for the grandparents. I love Malley’s chocolates and they have a great assortment of Valentine’s boxes. Plus, while I was there, I picked up a couple hot fudge sundaes for our dessert. I think their hot fudge is my favorite!

All in all, it was a lovely little weekend. How was yours?


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