Why? Pope’s Kitchen!

You’ve heard me mention my friend Clark Pope’s tasty products here before, from his Bloody Mary mix to his Fig and Cocoa jam. But Pope’s Kitchen also does catering, from large to small events. For my Mom’s birthday this past Sunday, I wanted her to have a special dinner, so I contacted Clark about whipping up a meal fit for the birthday girl.

Clark arrived about an hour before dinner, to finish up preparations. He and his staff came prepared with everything to cook and serve the meal. They plated the food, cleaned up the dishes, and generally made this by far the most relaxed dinner party I’ve ever hosted!


Clark had the challenge of creating a menu that could appeal to everyone from 30-something foodies to my 90-year-old grandfather, who is a meat and potatoes guy. Those were the only parameters I gave Clark and the menu he created was delicious! Everyone is still raving about the dinner!

Our first course was salad with field greens, spinach, goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts and a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

IMG_1943A delicious, light start to the meal! Next up was a tomato basil bisque that had just the right amount of texture and seasoning.


Our main course was flat iron steak, purple Peruvian potatoes, and asparagus. All of us were members of the clean plate club! The food was not only delicious, but it was the perfect amount to leave you satisfied but not overly full.


We also had two of Clark’s own sauces to enjoy with dinner: a Brazilian chimichurri (so fresh and tasty) and his signature Burning River hot sauce, which my grandfather would pretty much have eaten straight out of the bottle.

The dessert was creme brulee, but with a tasty twist. The bottom layer of the creme brulee was a handmade spiced chocolate sauce that had us all wanting to lick the bowls.


If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate a special occasion, I can’t recommend Pope’s Kitchen Catering highly enough. The food and service were both spot-on and, as you can see, they created a lot of happy customers!


Happy birthday, Mom! And thanks to Clark for helping to make it so special!


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