Why? JCU Experience Projects!

This post is mainly geared toward John Carroll University alumni, so I thank the rest of you for your indulgence. But, you may want to read on regardless because this is pretty cool thing that’s going on…

JCU Experience Projects is a crowdfunding campaign that kicked off yesterday and runs through Monday, March 16. The goal is to fund six campus projects that could use a boost from alumni support.

Not only do the JCU Experience Projects help out great campus programs, but they give you, as the alumni who is donating, a bigger sense of involvement. This isn’t giving $20 to a $20 million campaign. Rather, each of the JCU Experience Projects is a relatively small-dollar project, so even the smallest contribution makes a genuine impact on the bottom line.

So, what are the JCU Experience Projects? Each project highlights a different area of the JCU experience, from academics to athletics to service. Click on each link for more details on the project.


The Labre Project – The purpose of the Labre Project is not only to feed the homeless, but to offer them friendship.

Trick or Treat at JCU – Every year, the Residence Hall Association provides hundreds of local children the opportunity to go trick or treating in the John Carroll residence halls.

Crisis Mapping – Crisis mapping is the use of many forms of data and analysis to provide real-time situational awareness of an ongoing crisis, natural disaster, or conflict zone.

Entrepreneurial Development in Honduras – During Spring Break, students, professors, and representatives of Hope for Honduran Children teach economics and business skills at Flor Azul Farm, an orphanage.

The Carroll Ballers – Five nights each week, 60 Carroll students visit several juvenile detention centers in Cuyahoga County, using the power of basketball to teach teamwork and leadership and to instill friendship with detention center residents.

JCU Pep Band – Often referred to as a “Wall of Sound,” the Pep Band is a group with big spirit.

Surely one or more of these projects or aspects of life at Carroll impacted your time there. Now is your chance to keep that part of the JCU experience going for current students. Donate today and keep your eye on the website to see how your project’s crowdfunding efforts are going.

The JCU Experience Project is not just a fun, creative, interactive way to raise money. It’s also a great way to see that we all can make an impact on a place that made a huge impact on us!

***Disclosure: I am a member of the board of the John Carroll University Cleveland Alumni Chapter. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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