Why? Noodlecat!

It had been awhile since I had visited Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s funky ramen restaurant, Noodlecat. On a windy, damp, chilly night, I met up with Kimberly and Nadine to warm up with some steaming bowls of ramen.

We were hoping to take advantage of Noodlecat’s great happy hour deals, including discounted steam buns and drinks and half-portions of ramen. However, happy hour is now limited to the bar only (it used to be available throughout the restaurant) and, as all the seats were taken, we skipped the happy hour and went for the full-priced dinner instead.

It wasn’t a problem, since the prices are still good and we devoured our full portions of ramen! We had to start with some of the creative and tasty steam buns, of course. I had the brisket bun with “hellish” mayo.


Priced at $3 a piece, the steam buns are a couple bites of delciousness to start off your meal.

For my entree, I chose the Dan Dan Ramen, with spicy garlic oil, roasted peanut, sweet soy, basil & thai szechuan chili. This ramen is typically served without broth, but our server warned me that it was quite spicy and suggested the dashi broth to help tame the spice.


I also added the poached chicken and a 6-minute egg. The ramen was definitely spicy, but it was a flavorful heat and I enjoyed every last slurp!

Noodlecat has one of the most original concepts in Cleveland restaurants and the unique and tasty twists on ramen will definitely keep us coming back for more. And if you’re lucky enough to snag a bar seat for the happy hour from 3-7pm on weekdays and 11am-1pm on Sundays, even better!


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