Why? Told!

Awhile back, I wrote about Told, the very cool storytelling concept that has become quite the hit in Cleveland. It’s based on the concept that everyone has a story to tell and Told events provide a forum to tell those stories. You can read about my first Told experience here.

All Told events have audience volunteers, as well as two featured storytellers. Last week, at the eighth public Told event, I had the honor of being a featured storyteller on the theme of “Nice to meet you.”  I talked about meeting my various soulmates in life, from Matthew and Jeffrey to my dearest girlfriends to the city of Cleveland.

IMG_2539I loved being able to share my story, as well as hear the stories of the audience members and the other featured storyteller, City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop.


Because I can’t get enough of Told, last night the Ohio Blogging Association hosted our own private Told event at Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar.


Dave, the creator of Told, kicked us off on the theme of “I said that?!” The stories ranged from funny slips of the tongue to serious yoga life lessons. In a smaller setting, the storytellers can really interact with the audience and get immediate feedback (yes, I snorted during someone’s story I was laughing so hard).

We also got to enjoy some delicious food and tasty beer, too. I hadn’t been to Deagan’s since the new chef took the healm, so I was excited to check out the menu. Our wonderful server Memo recommended the duck leg confit, which was what I was eyeing since I don’t think I can ever pass up duck when it’s on a menu.


Crispy skin, fall-off-the-bone tender meat, and caramelized root vegetables made this an incredible meal (the La Chouffe didn’t hurt either). I also couldn’t pass up the berry cobbler for dessert.


Deagan’s gastropub fare is as tasty as ever and the staff as friendly, too. I’m never disappointed with an evening spent there!

You would think I’d have my fill of storytelling by now, but personally, I’m counting the days until the next public Told event, which will be on Thursday, June 18 at Market Garden Brewery with the theme of “Love in Cleveland.” I hope to see you there, maybe even sharing your own story!

And if you’re interested in the next Ohio Blogging Association meet-up, that’s happening on Sunday, April 26 at XHIBITION, where we’ll get a fashion preview and some tasty brunch nibbles from Jack Flaps. Click here for more details.


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