Why? #AllinCLE!

I have to admit that basketball was never my sport. It might go back to the season I played CYO basketball in sixth grade. I was wretched. The coach had to put every player in at some point during every game and, without fail, we’d get told at the last minute that our team would forfeit if they didn’t put me in.

I was always a baseball girl. I love the sport, I love everything about attending a game, I love my Cleveland Indians.

But there’s something about this Cavs team. They’re making me into a basketball girl. Their energy, passion, and enthusiasm are contagious. The city is alive with hope and excitement. We’ve earned this national spotlight and we’re damn proud of it.

And this…this doesn’t just feel like a great marketing ploy. These guys really are for us and we’re for them.

I haven’t felt this way about a team since the mid-90’s Indians. I yell at the TV; I’m anxious; I’m tweeting about sports for heaven’s sake. Wednesday night, Matthew got home late and said he was surprised I was still up. All I could do was sort-of squeak and gesture at the TV. The Cavs were on…of course I was still up.

So, we’re #AllinCLE! Let’s go Cavs!


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