Why? Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

One year ago today, our whole world changed. It sounds cliche, but it is so true.


Jeffrey’s birthday is a wonderful chance to take stock. The amount of change in him in this last year is mind-boggling. From the little nugget above to this smart, fun, happy little boy who loves to figure out how things work and loves to make you smile.


And I suppose the amount of change in me is always something worth noting. Matthew and I are so lucky to still be able to have time for each other and time with our friends. In some ways, I feel like the same person I was one year and one day ago. But, no matter whether I’m with Jeffrey or not, he has become my focus.

In yoga, during balance poses, you’re encouraged to find a drishti, a focal point to help you keep your balance. I’ve always struggled with balance poses. But now, Jeffrey is my drishti. He gives me purpose and strength I never knew I was capable of; he doesn’t let me get too bogged down in my own drama; he keeps me balanced. Strange, perhaps, since I so often hear people complain that children tip their lives out of balance. But, Jeffrey is my drishti and I’ve finally found my balance.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for all of us! I know you don’t know what birthdays are yet, Jeffrey, but I hope you love learning all about them today!


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  1. Jen KC

    Happy birthday Jeffrey!

    I think that the imbalance people find when they have kids was probably there all along; it’s just that people don’t notice it till kids.

    Becoming a mama forces a sea change in your life, and you have come through it beautifully. Mazel tov Mama!

  2. itsahero

    Happy birthday baby Jeffrey! And happy birthing day, Jen!! đŸ™‚ This is YOUR special day as much as it is his! xo

    PS. this post made me cry. I’m a tad bit emotional today lol

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