Why? Salmon Dave’s!

Earlier this week, Mom and I met up for a girls-only, let’s-be-adults dinner. Every mention of Jeffrey meant you had to put $10 in the center of the table. By the end of the night, I think I owed her $100! Oh well, even if our conversation still revolved around the little one, it was so nice to have an evening out with just us!

We went to Salmon Dave’s, which is a longstanding favorite for great seafood. Right now, Salmon Dave’s is celebrating Crab Fest, with lots of menu items featuring delicious crab.


We started with appetizers: a baked crab and artichoke dip and crispy calamari.

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Both were very good, but I really loved the Thai peanut dipping sauce and peanuts that accompanied the calamari!

For my entree, I chose the crab-crusted swordfish, served with whipped potatoes and spinach. The light flavors of the fish and crab remained distinct and the simple side dishes were the perfect compliments. I also enjoyed the whole grain mustard sauce on the side for a little added flavor.


Mom chose the classic crab legs, served with whipped potatoes and broccoli. With this simple dish, the quality of the seafood at Salmon Dave’s really shines through.


We shared a piece of the key lime pie for dessert. The portion is more than enough to share and this tangy treat was the perfect summery end to our meal. It was a fun night out with one of my favorite ladies!

Definitely head over to Salmon Dave’s to check out Crab Fest! On Sundays, you can save $10 on any of the ” King Crab Feast” items on the menu (crab legs, crab legs and crab cake, crab legs and filet, or crab legs and salmon). It’s a great deal on some of the tastiest seafood in Cleveland!


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