Why? Lake Metroparks Farmpark and Cafe O Play!

I wanted to share a couple fun places Jeffrey and I went in the last couple weeks. And in deciding I wanted to share these, I realized that (1) I’ve been sharing things we do with Jeffrey for awhile now and (2) my somewhat irrational white-knuckled fear of being labeled a “mommy blogger” was getting the better of me. What I’ve always tried to do with Why CLE? is make it a reflection of my life: the things I love, do, think are fun, etc. So, while you won’t see Jeffrey’s developmental updates or my latest parenting struggle documented here, I will allow myself a little more freedom to share the cool places we go. Because a huge reason Why CLE? for me is that it is a wonderful place to raise a child, with so many awesome opportunities to enjoy.

The first place I wanted to share is the Lake Metroparks Farmpark. I had only been here for Vintage Ohio, so this was a bit of a different experience. There are several areas of the Farmpark to explore, from the barnyard to the horse stables to the gardens. Jeffrey got to see and pet sheep and pigs, plus get hands-on with a pony during a grooming demonstration and up-close with a cow during a milking demonstration.

PicMonkey Collage

There’s a new exhibit that opened just after we were there called Factory of Frozen Fun, which shows the process of making ice cream through use of fun things like slides and characters from Frozen. You can also see ice cream making on site every weekend this month!

Despite being decidedly not an outdoorsy person, I had a great time at the Farmpark and I know Jeffrey did too!

This week, Jeffrey and I met up with my friend Tracy and her daughter Nina at Cafe O’Play. With the weather this summer, we’ve had as many outdoor activities as we can, but also a lot of indoor days. I had heard rave reviews about this place from fellow momma Rachel and I was not disappointed. Cafe O’Play has a huge indoor play area, with several different rooms, including a toddler area, a video game floor, slides, and a mini dance club.

PicMonkey Collage

Amidst all the fun, we also had lunch at Cafe O’Play, which has an area where adults can enjoy coffee while watching their (older) kids playing and where families can grab a bite. I ordered Jeffrey the “Kids Tin,” which is a muffin tin filled with your choice of five items from an extensive and healthy list.


Jeffrey had hummus, tortilla chips, turkey, apples, and cheese. He loved it! And I enjoyed my turkey sandwich and tomato soup combo. For about what we’d spend at Panera, we didn’t have to leave our play place and had a delicious, healthy lunch! Plus, your admission to Cafe O’Play is good all day, so you can even work a nap into the middle of your day and then come back for more fun.

I think this is such a cool concept and I know we’ll be back for more fun!

Where are some of your favorite spots to take your little ones?


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    1. I think because the blog started before the mom stuff, I wanted to keep it as an outlet for that. But I think having a balance of mom and not-mom posts is far more true to my life.

  1. I’m thrilled to see you share more of your “Mommy life” and think it fits your blog mission very well. I am unfamiliar with Cafe O’Play and Stearns Homestead, so I already have 2 new places to look into. Thanks!

    We’re planning to explore Memphis Kiddie Park for the first time on Sunday. We have an outing planned with our favorite parents and toddlers. There will be 5 kids under 4 and should be an exhaustingly wonderful time!

    The Musical Rainbows series at Severance is one of my favorite Cleveland family activities. I am also very anxiously awaiting the Patterson’s Fun Fest. And, it’s not local- but my toddler loved the Little Pioneers Homestead at Sauder Village in Archbald. And, we make frequent trips to Detroit Kid City and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. Part of the beauty of life in Cleveland is having the ability to explore so many other great cities within a 3 hour drive. We always seem to have more on our list than we find time for. It’s a great problem to have!

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