Why? Goldfish Swim School!

Since Jeffrey was six months old, he’s been taking swim classes. We started out at a local recreation center, then moved over to classes at the YMCA. But, this summer, I enrolled him in classes at Goldfish Swim School and both of us are just loving it there!


Each level of class at Goldfish Swim School has a skill set that must be achieved before moving to the next level. Rather than being strictly age-based, the levels are based on both age and ability. You receive progress reports as you attend class. From our first class to one month later, Jeffrey had progressed to having almost every skill for his class level checked off.

The teachers take the time to get to know you and your child. The classes are engaging, with fun songs, toys, and puppets to keep kids entertained and focused.


The repetition of the songs and games week to week really makes an impact. Jeffrey knows what to expect from class now and will get excited when certain toys appear or activities begin.

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The mental and social development fostered at Goldfish Swim School goes beyond simply learning swimming skills. The students receive a prize at the end of each week’s class that goes along with the month’s theme (July’s theme was Olympics, so the prizes included things like gold medals). With prizes and progress reports and lots of praise, the environment at Goldfish Swim School is really positive.

When we started class, we received a welcome bag that included a Goldfish Swim School t-shirt, information on the classes, and passes for free Family Swims.


We attended a Family Swim a few weeks ago and found it to be a great way to have fun and practice the skills we’re learning in class. There were lots of fun floats and toys to use during Family Swim time, too.

The facilities at Goldfish Swim School are clean, bright, and fun. There is an island tiki theme to the decor. There are private changing rooms, restroom facilities, showers, a blow dryer bar, a snack bar, a diaper changing station fully stocked with extra supplies, and a “surf shop” where you can purchase goggles, suits, and toys.

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There are lots of different class times and it’s easy to switch to a make-up class if need be. I’m so glad we gave Goldfish Swim School a try. The biggest endorsement I can give is that we renewed our lessons after my complimentary month was over. We’ve had a great experience so far and I can’t wait to see how Jeffrey’s skills continue to advance!

There is currently one Goldfish Swim School in the Cleveland area, in Warrensville Heights, but there is a Fairview Park location coming soon! I encourage you to check it out for your little fish!

***Disclosure: I received one complimentary month of lessons at Goldfish Swim School. As always, all opinions, as well as the decision to continue with non-complimentary lessons, are 100% my own.***


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  1. A co-worker of mine JUST recommended Goldfish … how funny! Definitely keeping the new FP location on my radar and giving them a try when they’re open! So glad you also had such a great experience with them!

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