Why? Whole Hog Butchering with Saucisson!

Monday night was one of those quirky Cleveland experiences that make me so glad to be doing this blogging thing. I got to attend a Whole Hog Butchering class given by Chef Melissa Khoury of Saucisson and sponsored by the American Culinary Federation’s Cleveland Chapter.


Attendees got to see Chef Khoury at work, explaining the various well-known and less well-known cuts of meat. One of the biggest surprises was the small amount of tenderloin that comes off a 150-pound pig. Now you know why pork tenderloin is so pricey!

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Students from Tri-C were able to get up close to see the process, as well as ask questions about everything from butchering to the restaurant business in general. While I’ve always been impressed by Chef Khoury’s culinary talent, listening to her passion for her work and her commitment to buying local and using every part of the animal impressed me even more. When the “lady butchers” of Saucisson butcher a 300-pound hog, they will produce less than a pound of waste! That’s an impressive use of resources!


Saucisson will be opening their own storefront on Fleet Avenue this spring, but for now you can find their delicious products at various farmer’s markets. And while I wasn’t quite brave enough to try the head cheese, I will vouch for the chicharrones being fabulous!

I always love learning more about cool Cleveland businesses, as well as getting a behind-the-scenes culinary take! Thanks for a fun and interesting evening, ACF!

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Whole Hog Butchering event with a complimentary ticket. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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