Why? Sterle’s Country House!

On Tuesday night, despite my rampant Vegas exhaustion, I headed out the door because of the promise of schnitzel and catching up with some blogger buddies at the Ohio Blogging Association meet-up at Sterle’s Country House. Since taking over the helm at Sterle’s, Chef Jeff Jarrett has added on to the menu, while still maintaining the Sterle’s classics.


There’s an “old” section to the menu (classics like schnitzel and chicken paprikash) and a “new” section (featuring more contemporary twists on the old world dishes). Lisa and I decided to share some dishes from both sides of the menu. We started with the potato pancakes from the “old” side.


Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, with just the right amount of salt, these were certainly an unchanged classic. Our other two choices came from the “new” side. First, the halushki, which is cabbage and noodles with bacon and caraway seed.


As someone who will eat cabbage and noodles, but sometimes finds them bland, this dish added nice flavors without being too far outside the box.

Lisa and I also shared the chicken schnitzel with pierogi and braised greens.


Again, this classic dish received just a bit of a twist with the braised greens and onion gravy, but still retained that classic, old-world goodness. That’s the great part about the new Sterle’s menu: you can step a bit outside the box in terms of flavor and presentation, but still get that warm comfort food you crave.

Chef Jarrett is also heading up the new Café 55 across the street from Sterle’s, as well as the soon-to-open brewery in the neighborhood. This is a neighborhood that is popping with new projects, but also retaining its heritage. So head on over to Sterle’s, Café 55, or the brewery and enjoy old-world charm with a new-world twist.

And if you’re a blogger looking to connect, stay tuned to the Ohio Blogging Association page for more information on upcoming gatherings.


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