Why? Holiday Play Date!

On Friday, I hosted a holiday play date for Jeffrey and some of his little friends. I always love having people over, especially when the house is all twinkly and festive. So now that Jeffrey has buddies, I have another reason and another group to have over to the house.

We decorated cookies (I’m still finding sprinkles in the kitchen) with inches upon inches of frosting and loads of red and green sprinkles.


And, of course, after you decorate the cookies, you have to taste test them!


We also had some fun Kidz Bop Christmas music, mac n cheese (great kid-friendly recipe here) and chicken nuggets, a holiday book exchange, and treat bags filled with local favorites from Malley’s, Step 2, and more.

The playroom was a bit chaotic at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It was such a fun way to celebrate the season with the small ones.


It was also a great chance for the moms to chat, enjoy some hot chocolate, and get to know one another (since Jeffrey’s friends come from a lot of different places/activities).

When I started working from home last January, I was so grateful for the time with Jeffrey, but it was also a difficult transition and a bit isolating at first. I’ve been really lucky to meet wonderful women from Kindermusik, swim class, Stroller Babes, and library story time. I’ve even rediscovered and strengthened friendships with high school and college friends, who have kids around the same age as Jeffrey.


I’ve been calling them “mom friends,” but in the same way I don’t call my friends “blogger friends” or “college friends,” it’s time to drop the qualifier and say, these are my friends and I am so thankful for them! We get to share such fun times with our kids and each other and they have certainly made me feel warm, welcome, and more fully happy with my decision to be at home with Jeffrey.

Plus, I see how Jeffrey gets excited to see his friends and for the adventures they have together.

Not from the play date, clearly. My home is not decorated like the Connor Palace Theatre.

Seeing him make friends has been a truly heart-warming experience! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble they get into next!


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  1. Lori A.

    The holiday play date looks like so much fun!! You are a wonderful mom and Jeffrey is very lucky! I love the picture of him double fisting the cookies. 🙂

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