Why? Weekends!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s Christmas week! As any pre-holiday weekend should be, ours was filled with friends, food, and fun!

On Saturday, we hosted what has become one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions: TWC Christmas (TWC = Tri-County Wives Club). Everyone brings food to share for one fabulous dinner. From leg of lamb to squash “bread” pudding, there’s no end to delicious and savory options we concoct.


We also do a White Elephant gift exchange, which brings endless laughter and no shortage of random new items to each person’s home.


But mostly, we take time to be thankful for each other, for another year of our wonderful friendship, and for the chance to celebrate together.

PicMonkey Collage

I couldn’t be more grateful for these folks or for the chance to have our home filled to the brim with their love and laughter!

On Sunday, we somehow found room after all the eating on Saturday to have brunch with my parents at One Red Door. I’ve seriously turned into a brunch person in the last year or so! I chose the lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote. They were fluffy, just sweet enough, and totally delicious!


Mom had the chicken and waffles. Matthew and Dad both had the lobster omelette, which was not stingy with the lobster meat and served with Hollandaise sauce for dipping.


I grabbed bites of the other entrees and loved them, especially the hot sauce with the chicken and waffles. If you find yourself near Hudson, One Red Door is a yummy brunch option!

After brunch, Jeffrey and I went to a Kindermusik holiday play date, with plenty of classic holiday songs, pretend ice skating and snow ball fights, and more. It was a great way to combine the Kindermusik we love with the holiday season!

Sunday evening, we had another round of guests at the house with some of Matthew’s friends from high school and college, along with their kids.

Jeffrey chillin’ with the guys

It was a completely different scene from Saturday night’s party: replace leg of lamb with pizza and add in a much messier playroom, but I wouldn’t trade either one! I love that we can have a weekend that rolls up so many of our favorite people and allows for plenty of good adult and kid time!

So, that was our weekend: a revolving door of holiday merriment! How was yours? Are you ready for Christmas?!


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