Why? Happy New Year!

As we usher out 2015, I find myself looking back fondly on a year that brought a lot of changes to my schedule, my work, and my friendships. And while these changes weren’t all painless, I can’t help but be pleased by everything this year has brought and where the road has led.

I’m normally not much for New Year’s Eve celebrations and definitely not one for resolutions, but I find myself making a few as I look toward 2016:


1. To make time to “time-out” every day. Whether that means using my new adult coloring book (a fabulous Christmas present from my sister-in-law) for #15minutesofcolor or reading a book (I miss reading. I read a book on our vacation and realized how much I miss it) or maintaining my once-a-week yoga class, I want to actively carve out a bit of space in each day. It makes me a better person for the people around me (and for myself).

2. To start using a written planner. I received one as a gift and I really want to use it to keep life sorted, make to-do lists, and the like.

3.  To continue to actively cultivate friendships. I’ve learned a lot this last year about giving friends what THEY need, not just what YOU need; about adult friendships being equal parts enjoying commonalities and celebrating differences; and about how to be discerning with your time and your affection. Friendship is an active process. I am so proud of and sustained by the friendships I have and I want to continue the active process of growing them.

4. To be more present. Whether with Matthew, Jeffrey, friends, or just in the “time-outs,” there are many times I’m there, but also in 6 different places. Whether that’s putting down the phone, shutting off the “monkey mind” as yogis say, or simply focusing more, I want to make an active effort to be more here (or there, you know what I mean).

So, that’s my list. What’s on yours?

I wish you a happy, safe, and fun New Year’s Eve and a wonderful start to what will hopefully be your best year yet!


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