Why? Vineyards Wine Merchant!

Last night, I attended a completely entertaining, informative, and delicious wine tasting at Vineyards Wine Merchant. This wine shop and tasting room is run by Glen Campbell, a certified sommelier, whose passion for wine and down-to-earth style make for a truly enjoyable presentation.


Glen not only took us through the background on the five wines we tasted, but also covered how to properly taste wine (versus just drinking it), how to pair wines, how to store and serve wines, and so much more (he and I spent awhile on our love for golden retrievers, for sure.)

The five wines we tasted covered everything from sweet white to dry red. As much as I love my red wines, the Moscato d’Asti we tasted was by far my favorite of the night and, according to Glen, his best-selling wine over the almost 9 years he’s been in business.


Vineyards Wine Merchant offers a huge selection of wines, all arranged by varietal and sold at state minimum prices. What makes Vineyards such a great place to shop for wine goes beyond the spacious and well-organized store and great selection, though. Glen’s knowledge of wine and his helpfulness in selecting the right wine for whatever your need is well worth a trip (and frankly would warrant paying more than state minimum prices).

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Vineyards Wine Merchant offers a 10% case discount and it is certainly easy enough to pick out a case’s worth of wine there! There are also wine tastings on Wednesdays and Fridays (called Wine Swirls) that offer 5 wines on a theme (such as vineyard, region, etc.) plus cheese and crackers for only $10. Click here for more information.

Last night’s event was put on by the Kappa Delta Cleveland West Alumnae Association. Vineyards Wine Merchant will host private groups and even allow a fundraising component to the event to give back to the community.


I had such a lovely time catching up with some of my college sorority sisters, as well as other Kappa Delta alumnae, as well as getting to taste some new and interesting wines (and restocking our home wine cooler, too). If you love wine and supporting local businesses, you can’t do better than Vineyards Wine Merchant!


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  1. Looks like fun! Weirdly, I haven’t been to any of the wine shops, vineyards, wineries, etc. in Northeast Ohio – even weirder since I’m from Cuyahoga Falls, & Sarah’s & Gervasi are so close by. Maybe this one should be my first. Glen seems like he makes it easy on wine dummies like myself!

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