Why? Animal Attractions!

***This report submitted by various critters at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo The RainForest.***


Every year, we see it: a stampede of humans coming to feed and gather around various watering holes here at The RainForest for what they call Animal Attractions. We think perhaps they are stocking up for hibernation. They certainly seem to enjoy eating a lot!

Two styles of mac ‘n cheese, plus chorizo-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates from Butcher and the Brewer and Tremont Tap House

From my underwater vantage point, I noticed the humans eating many braised beef tacos from AMP 150. Yes, I know what all those things are. I love me a nice braised fish taco, personally.


Perched in the trees, I noticed the humans taking a lot of pictures with these signs. They’re all #wildaboutcle. I’ll tell you what, I’m wild in CLE.


I had a perfect vantage point to observe the evening and teach my little one about the humans!


The humans loved to listen to talks about how we mate here at the Zoo. One of them volunteered to be part of the discussion and dragged her mate along with her. I understand how that goes. I’m always finding the good bananas and having to point them out to my man. But anyway, the one who volunteered had very sparkly shoes. I think it’s some sort of human signal to her mate.


Also, the humans seemed to love this picture. I think it’s what you call a #selfie.


We found it interesting that some of the smallest pieces of food were the most coveted by the humans. Notice the hoarding of the small pieces here. Clearly a sign of impending hibernation.

Mini cupcakes from Cleveland Cupcake Company

From my post in the lobby, I could see all of the comings and goings and can report that all the humans had a wonderful time and we enjoyed our chance to observe their feeding and pre-mating rituals once again.


***Disclosure: I was asked by the Cleveland Zoological Society to help promote Animal Attractions. In exchange, I received 2 complimentary tickets for myself, plus 2 tickets to give away. As always, all opinions and random choices of what I think will be an amusing way to write a blog post are 100% my own.***


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