Why? Cleveland’s Finest Hors d’Oeuvre Contest

Last night, Matthew and I got to taste and vote on Cleveland’s Finest Hors d’Oeuvres at the annual Our Lady of the Wayside fundraiser. Held at the Terrace Club at Progressive Field, the event combined delicious small bites with a lovely snow-covered view that had us thinking about the upcoming Indians season (38 days until Opening Day)!

The braised beef and lobster risotto from Carrie Cerino’s took second place in the voting

One of my favorites of the evening was the lobster and chorizo puff from Hodge’s, playfully served lollipop-style.


Seafood was a popular element in the dishes, like the scallop over lobster risotto from Corleone’s Ristorante that took first place or the massive shrimp Salvatore from The Woods.


Risotto was also a popular element this year. My favorite hors d’oeuvre of the evening came from The Cutting Board at the Aurora Inn, which served up a risotto cake topped with braised oxtail.


One place that eschewed both seafood and risotto and took third place was The Tree House, which served up a “Polaco.” Dubbed a Polish taco, this was a potato cup filled with bacon-wrapped beef and topped with slaw.


There was a lot going on with this dish. All the elements were tasty, but I think I’d prefer them not all together.

Becker’s Bakery provided a wide selection of tasty treats to end the evening on a sweet note.


As always, it was a great evening of yummy food and supporting Our Lady of the Wayside’s mission of helping those with developmental disabilities.

***Disclosure: I was asked by Our Lady of the Wayside to help promote Cleveland’s Finest Hors d’Oeuvre Contest. I received 2 complimentary tickets for myself and 2 tickets to give away. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***



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