Why? Sip and Skimm!

On Tuesday night (Super Tuesday, of course), Sara and I headed to Cibreo Italian Kitchen for the inaugural Cleveland Sip and Skimm event. This gathering brought together readers of The Daily Skimm to network, drink wine, and celebrate Super Tuesday.

So, what is The Daily Skimm? It’s a five-day-a-week email newsletter that gives you a great overview of the major news stories of the day. It’s everything you need to know to be up on the latest and, if you want to delve deeper, there are links to full news stories on any of the topics that day.


The Sip and Skimm featured super hero and Super Mario themed gifts, as well as fun little candidate-as-superhero nametags, so you could support your favorite (or ironic favorite) presidential hopeful.

There were also some tasty nibbles from Cibreo, including a new baked garlic bread menu item that will definitely have me coming back soon!


The evening was planned by our Cleveland Skimm’bassadors and there are more Sip and Skimm events in the works!

What I love about The Daily Skimm is that I can get my news in a format that is fun, informative, and works for my schedule. There is some pop culture news mixed in, but the bulk of the Skimm news is political, economic, technological, and the like. That said, the Skimm will throw in fun features like the latest great book to read (and a great wine to pair with it). My friend Whitney got me hooked on it and it really is a highlight in my mornings.

So, if you’re not Skimm-ing yet, but would like to get your news in bite-sized form right to your inbox (and be able to attend future Sip and Skimm events with some fabulous ladies in the know), you can click here to sign up (this is a dedicated link, so the Skimm will know I sent you).

However you get your news, it’s definitely an important time to be up on the latest, so whether it’s The Daily Skimm or another outlet, keep reading!


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