Why? Mod Meals!

There are a lot of food delivery services popping up in Cleveland these days, but one that particularly piqued my interest is Mod Meals. Rather than selecting meals from restaurant menus, some of Cleveland’s top chefs create dishes specifically for Mod Meals. That means you’ll get awesome food choices that are designed for delivery.

I was dying to try Mod Meals, but we don’t live in the Mod Meals delivery area (despite my many prayers for expansion). So, when my friend Sara and I were getting together to watch the Bachelor finale (because being snarky with a friend for all three hours of that marathon is SO much more fun) and her house is in the delivery area, our decision of where to get our food was made.


Mod Meals allows you to select a one-hour delivery window, but their customer service team was totally willing to allow me to pick an exact time and our food arrived on the spot in these adorable packages, with a complimentary cookie no less.

Sara and I both ordered the short rib with root vegetables and yukon gold mashed potatoes, from Chef Karen Small of the Flying Fig. After a bit of time in the oven to warm up, our meals were ready.


I was amazed at how fresh, delicious, and not reheated the food tasted. When they say these meals are designed for delivery, they clearly are and retain every bit of restaurant-level quality.The other thing is that the portion size was perfect. We could eat every bite and still have room for dessert!

Mod Meals not only offers entrees, but also sides, desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (with suggested pairings noted with entrees), and kids meals. Depending on the day, you’ll see choices from Chef Brian Okin of Cork & Cleaver and Graffiti, Chef Ben Bebenroth of Spice Kitchen & Bar, Chef Eric Williams of Momocho and El Carnicero, and Chef Karen Small of The Flying Fig.

Lunch is served from 11-1 and dinner from 4:30-8:30. You can check the delivery area here. The next time you want the perfect combination of staying in and going out, make Mod Meals your choice.


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  1. Lori A.

    My mouth is watering over the menu but we are not yet in the delivery area! I sent them a note pleading to be added. 🙂 Thanks for blogging about Mod Meals!!

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