Why? The Greenhouse Tavern!

The Greenhouse Tavern has become a Cleveland classic, on most must-dine lists with a highly-awarded chef-owner. Mom and I stopped in for dinner the other night before the Carrie Underwood concert and got a chance to check out their brand new menu. Some of the classics (like the chicken wing confit and beef tartare) are still in place, but there are tasty new options too.

We started with “firsts” (the GHT equivalent of small bites) of fried brussels sprouts and crispy hominy while sipping on the Summer Tang, which is the perfect patio drink!

The fried brussels sprouts are served with maple aioli, lemon, mint, and raw red onion. The flavors are fresh and distinct. And the crispy hominy is more addictive to munch than popcorn! So good!

For my entree, I ordered the “seconds” size of the barrel-aged Tabasco fried chicken and the GHT tater.


This makes for plenty of food, especially with the starters. I’ve raved about this fried chicken here before and I am so glad it’s still on the new menu. It’s tender, juicy, and has just the right amount of heat.

The GHT tater is a gigantic salt-baked potato with smoked cheddar, crispy hominy, and bacon lardon. OMG. I can’t. This is the most amazing baked potato ever. I love how The Greenhouse Tavern can take classic dishes like fried chicken and baked potato and elevate them to a true foodie dish.

Mom ordered the Ohio Delmonico steak and, well, just look at this…


People were gawking as they walked by on East 4th Street, as well they should. This steak is not just impressive in size. It is perfectly prepared too and served with jerky butter, marrow salsa verde, potato puree, crispy onions, and veal demi-glace. Needless to say, she had some steak to take home!

And who can pass up the buttered popcorn pot de creme?

IMG_2043 (1)

One of my favorite desserts of all time!

If you haven’t been to The Greenhouse Tavern in awhile, go to check out the new menu, find new delicious dishes, and rediscover old favorites!



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