Why? The Plum Cafe and Kitchen!

You know that new restaurant that everyone is raving about? Well, add me to the list of fans of The Plum Cafe and Kitchen. All the hype is well deserved! First, The Plum Cafe is the definition of an urban oasis. Located on Lorain Avenue in Ohio City, you step inside to find bright, modern interior and the most adorable patio tucked in the back of the restaurant.

Nadine and I met up at The Plum Cafe for dinner recently and decided to share our way through the menu. The menu is designed to encourage multiple choices and family-style eating.

First up was the yellow corn grit croquettes, served with smoked shrimp rillette, aioli, fermented peanut, and hot sauce. Such a creative, bite-sized play on shrimp and grits!


I was amazed how all the flavors of a full shrimp and grits dish came through in the croquettes!

Next up…well, there aren’t words to accurately describe what was agreed upon as truly the best dish ever: the chickenrones.


Puffed chicken skin is topped with sea salt and served with hot sauce. Let’s all just agree that the skin is the best part of the chicken and without any of that silly meat to slow you down, you can just enjoy every decadent bite.

Feeling the need to balance the table with some vegetables, next up was the beta vulgaris, with poached beets, marinated mozzarella, orange, and anise.


Look at those beautiful colors! Fresh and delicious!

Finally, we shared the crispy Ohio certified Angus beef belly, served with green beans and mushrooms.


Rich, melt-in-your-mouth, and perfectly flavored. We cleared the plate!

The creativity of the menu, the friendliness of the staff, and the perfection of the design make The Plum Cafe and Kitchen completely deserving of all it’s early accolades. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their delicious dishes! The Plum Cafe and Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday from 11am-1am.


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  1. Oh my gosh, all of this looks & sounds amazing – especially those croquettes. I went with a friend just after she arrived in town for a visit from NYC, & this was a great first stop… for me. I got the vegan banh mi, & it was SO DELICIOUS. Alas, my friend got the Ploughman’s Lunch, & it was just very weird – a jiggly egg, that strange sour ham, some other miscellaneous accoutrements all piled on a plate… She ate it but wished she’d gotten something else, unfortunately. For me, though, that sandwich was such a win that I look forward to going back & trying more of their menu.

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