Why? Mom & Tot Yoga and Barre 3!

Most of you know I’m a confirmed yogi at this point. The other day, someone asked me how long I’d been practicing and it somewhat shocked me to say five years! But, it has been that long and I still love every minute (OK, maybe not chair pose). Which is why I’m so excited for a new offering from Evolution Yoga that will allow me to combine two of my favorite things: yoga and spending time with Jeffrey!

Starting next week, Evolution Yoga will offer six-week sessions of Mom & Baby and Mom & Tot yoga, designed to provide moms with an opportunity to get their om on, while moving and breathing and practicing with their little one (and connecting with other moms, too).

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Latimer 
My friend Elizabeth will be teaching the class and her adorable daughter Mia (featured in the pictures) will be showing all the other kiddos how to down dog.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Latimer
These classes will offer a great balance of burning off energy and promoting mindfulness.

Mom & Baby yoga is designed for little ones who are not yet mobile and will take place on Tuesdays. Mom & Tot yoga is designed for kiddos who are mobile through age 2 and will take place on Thursdays. The cost is $75 for the six-class session and you can purchase your pass online. Jeffrey and I will see you on your mat!

Now, onto my other new workout experience. This past Monday, my friend Sara and I met up for a class at Barre 3 at Legacy Village (and, let’s be honest, some wine after class). Sara’s friend is completing her training, so we were able to attend a complimentary community class. It had been a long time since I had tried barre and I forgot how tough it can be! Seriously, today is the first day since we did the class that my thighs weren’t on fire constantly.

While for me, nothing is going to replace yoga in my number one workout spot, there are many things about barre that are complimentary to yoga. The class incorporated some yoga poses, as well as barre moves with weights and the barre ball. Barre 3 is specifically designed to help find balance through the workout, which definitely compliments a yoga practice.

My biggest fear with taking the barre class was not knowing what I was doing. I hate that feeling when the workout is flying by you and you’re frantically trying to figure out what to do (or at least not look like an idiot). This is why I’ve taken one zumba class in my entire life. Anyway, our instructor did a great job of explaining all the moves and, while I might not have loved all the reps and pulsing in the moment, I was clear on what I was supposed to be doing. And I honestly got a great workout from Barre 3!

You can check out pricing, scheduling, and other amenities like childcare offered at the Legacy Village Barre 3 location here.

Whatever your workout persuasion, there are so many great options to explore in Cleveland! What’s your favorite workout?


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  1. Liz

    Hi Jen! Love your blog! Thanks for checking out barre3 Legacy Village. We offer childcare during our AM classes Monday-Saturday and would love to meet Jeffrey. 🙂

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