Why? Weekends!

What a busy and fun weekend it was! We had nothing but family time planned and it was pretty perfect. On Friday evening, we went to the St. John Vianney church festival. From good food to fun games to live music, this festival is always on our summer must-do list.

This year at the festival, we also took Jeffrey for a ride on the Euclid Beach Rocket Car!

IMG_3643 (1)

He had so much fun (and I dare say we did too)! There’s something about flying along in the shiny silver rocket ship, listening to oldies music, and having passers-by wave at you. It was a perfect summer evening!

On Saturday, we had our friends Elizabeth and Andrew over for dinner, along with their adorable daughter Mia. Jeffrey loves having his friends over to play and he and Mia had a great time, especially since the weather was so lovely to be outside!


Elizabeth and family are vegetarians, so I had to go outside my typical stash of recipes to try to find something to make. I chose this Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Pasta recipe and was really happy with the results.


The pasta was flavorful and satisfying and a great choice for summer. I also imagine the leftovers would have made a tasty chilled pasta salad…if there had been any leftovers! Even non-vegetarians can appreciate this tasty recipe.

Sunday was a super busy day, but also so much fun! We started out at a birthday party for one of Jeffrey’s little friends. It was held at the Orange Community Recreation pool. The pool is perfect for all ages, with a zero-depth wade in and a nice splash area, as well as a water slide and lap pool.


The lunch at the party included pizza from Jim Alesci’s Place, which meant everyone enjoyed their food! And I think you can tell how Jeffrey felt about the birthday cake…


After the party, we took Jeffrey to his first Indians game. The tickets we purchased for the game were part of a fundraiser for Autism Speaks. Since we never even made it to our seats, I’m glad the ticket price went to a good cause!

We spent our time getting Jeffrey his “first game” certificate (there are so cute and you can get yours at Section 176), doing all the standard photo opps…


…and hanging out in the Kids Clubhouse. This area is awesome! It’s filled with fun toys from Step 2 and offers an air-conditioned spot for kids to run around and play during the game. There are plenty of baseball-themed activities, too, like this giant home plate for bouncing.


Plus there are massive windows that look out on to the field, as well as some outdoor seating, so you don’t have to miss all the on-field action.


Pro-tip: while the line to get into the Kids Clubhouse does keep moving, you’ll have time to get yourself a Summer Shandy to enjoy while you’re waiting. And once inside the pandemonium of kids, you’ll be glad you did!

Jacob’s (I mean, Progressive) Field holds a really special place in my memories and being able to take Jeffrey there was really special for me.

Also, check out this awesome giveaway truck from W.B. Mason – Jeffrey has not put it down yet! 

It was a really wonderful summer weekend! Hope yours was lovely, too!

***Disclosure: I am a member of the Autism Speaks Cleveland Chef Gala committee. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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