Why? 3 Palms Pizzeria!

A couple weeks ago, Mom, Jeffrey, and I found ourselves down in Hudson and in need of lunch. So we decided to check out 3 Palms Pizzeria. 3 Palms is named for a unit of measure used to size pizza ovens. 3 Palms boasts a wood-fired pizza oven built in Naples, Italy for true Neapolitan pizza.

We ordered a Formaggio Di Capra pizza, with local goat cheese, prosciutto di parma, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic.


The crust was thin and had just the right balance of crispy and chewy. And the toppings were so fresh and flavorful!

For Jeffrey, we got The Bambino, an American-style pizza with San Marzano tomatoes and shredded mozzarella. This classic pie was the perfect choice for him! We also ordered him the traditional meatball with classic red sauce with basil. This was one of the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted!


3 Palms offers a variety of meatballs and sauces that you can combine into your own personalized meatball plate.

Mom also got the chopped Italian salad, which was a huge plate of fresh garden deliciousness!


And we couldn’t pass up 3 Palms homemade pastries, temptingly displayed right in the front of the restaurant (they have gelato too)!


I tried the opera cake, with layers of almond, mocha, and chocolate goodness. What a sweet treat!


Next time you’re looking for a perfect Neapolitan pizza in the 330, stop by 3 Palms (and save room for dessert)!


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