Why? Cocktail Week Cleveland!

On Saturday night, Matthew and I went to a special dinner at Nuevo Modern Mexican as part of Cocktail Week Cleveland. The dinner included five courses, each paired with a different Patron Tequila cocktail.

Our first course paired a cobia mousse empanada with pepita cream with a margarita-like cocktail of Gran Patron Platinum with cantaloupe shrub, Cointreau, and lime juice.


I loved the light, sweet taste of the cocktail. And Nuevo Modern Mexican definitely knows how to make delicious, flaky empanadas! I could have eaten at least six more of these!

Course two featured my favorite cocktail of the evening: the Ash to Ash created by the bartender from The Plum Café and Kitchen.


This drink combined Patron Roca Blanco with turmeric-infused dry vermouth, end-of-summer hot sauce, lime juice, and orchid syrup (with a just-cut orchid on top). Spicy and slightly sweet, I would order this cocktail off a menu anytime!

The Ash to Ash was paired with roast quail with ancho tamarind gastrique and lavender barley.


You really could taste the lavender in the barley, which was a really interesting and delicious twist.

Course three’s cocktail was called Spikes and Paddles, with Patron Roca Reposado, cactus gastrique, Amontillado sherry, blood orange bitters, and lime juice. This was paired with chorizo-rubbed porcetta, champorrado polenta, and citrus mache.

The polenta was the stand-out component of this course. It was blended with cocoa, and fried until slightly crisp on the outside but still creamy on the inside. Delicious and a great compliment to the porcetta.

Course four featured the most visually fun cocktail of the night, called Roca the Boat.


This “umbrella drink” featured Patron Roca Anejo, hibiscus serrano syrup, unsweetened coconut milk, charred and smoked pineapple, and ginger beer. Fizzy, not overly sweet, and just a drink you could imagine sipping on a beach!

This drink was paired with smoked hanger tartare on a tostada with chili oil poached egg yolk. Rich, smoky, and delicious!


Our final course paired toasts of two of the most expensive Patron tequilas (Gran Piedra and Burdeos) with a delicate and smooth rose petal flan.

What a luxurious way to cap off a meal of delicious food and creative cocktails! I am even more impressed now by the culinary skill at Nuevo Modern Mexican and definitely have a new appreciation for the versatility of tequila too!

Cocktail Week Cleveland continues through October 6, with events at fabulous bars like Velvet Tango Room, Townhall, and Society Lounge. Click here for the complete schedule! Cheers!


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