Why? Crop Bistro and Bar!

There are so many great restaurants in Cleveland that it’s nearly impossible to get to them all. Somehow, since Crop Bistro and Bar moved into the gorgeous former bank building near the West Side Market, I hadn’t had dinner there. I’ve been there for events and I’ve had dinner at their former location on West 6th Street, but a sit-down dinner at this lovely spot eluded me.

Which was why I jumped at the chance to dine there as part of the Playhouse Square Partners Dine Around last night. First, the restaurant itself is a gorgeous, massive, albeit echo-y space, with original ceilings and murals preserved from the 1920’s.


We started our meal with sharing the two varieties of popcorn: balsamic and truffle. Popcorn at a high-end restaurant? Absolutely! And they are delicious! The balsamic popcorn has sundried tomatoes, red onions, balsamic, and Parmesan. And the truffle popcorn features tons of rich truffle oil, as well as basil and Parmesan.


I ordered the chicken Parmesan for my entree. Airline chicken breast is smothered in Taleggio and Parmesan cheeses and smoked marinara sauce and served on top cavatelli.


The smoked marinara really added depth to this classic dish. And the airline chicken breast had plenty of “crispy” texture and juiciness…you don’t miss the fried chicken here!

I often stay away from more common entrees when at a restaurant like Crop, figuring I can find chicken Parmesan in a lot of places. But the lesson for me in last night’s dinner is order what sounds good to you, even if it is a more common entree. Chances are a restaurant like Crop will elevate the dish to new levels, which was certainly true with this.

For delicious food in a beautiful, historic setting, Crop Bistro and Bar is definitely a great spot and I’m just sorry it took me so long to actually have a meal there! That’s why I always appreciate the Playhouse Square Partners Dine Arounds: they give me a chance to try someplace new and enjoy great food and great company, too!

***Disclosure: I am the vice co-chair of Playhouse Square Partners. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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