Why? Weekends!

It was a relatively low-key weekend, which was really needed! Saturday morning, I indulged in some self-care with yoga at Harmony Yoga and a pedicure at Imagine Salon & Spa. During yoga, our teacher workshopped balancing half-moon pose, which taught me so much, including being able to get from a bind in balancing half-moon to dancer pose. Maybe that sounds like yogi nonsense, but it was really cool and we can all appreciate getting to a new level in something we enjoy!

Saturday evening, I helped host a parents getting-to-know-you party from Jeffrey’s school. This was a chance for the parents to get together in a relaxed, adults-only setting and make some new connections.

My friend Sara and I went to Metropolitan Market to get some of the appetizers for the party: spanakopita, phyllo-wrapped asparagus, and mini crab cakes.


Metropolitan Market offers so many great specialty items! This was the perfect place to get goods for the party!

Sara’s husband Ron also whipped up some delicious pulled pork for a mini taco bar. Nothing brings people together like tacos!


And we also got some sweet treats from Heinen’s, including mini eclairs, cheesecake bites, and lemon and maple cookies.


It was a fun and relaxed evening with good food and new friends!

On Sunday, Jeffrey and I met up with my parents to enjoy a meal at The Oak Barrel. Since it was around brunch time, I went with the Founders Breakfast Stout and the chicken and waffles.


The combination of the blackberry maple syrup and the chipotle butter is the perfect sweet and spicy pairing with the crispy chicken and fluffy waffle.

And Jeffrey loved the grilled cheese from the kids menu, with Tillamook cheddar and french fries on the side.


It was a meal everyone enjoyed! And we couldn’t pass up dessert: the Dragon’s Milk brownie sundae for me and a scoop of Mitchell’s vanilla bean for Jeffrey.

We spent the rest of the day at home, doing things like jumping in leaves and enjoying the nice fall weather. So that was our weekend! How was yours?


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