Why? On the Rise!

I have a new weekly haunt. The staff is friendly, the pastries are decadent, the coffee is delicious, and it flat-out smells heavenly. I’m talking about On the Rise Artisan Breads & Pastries.

I was searching for a coffee shop to spend time a couple mornings a week while I got some work done. When I first found On the Rise (which I had of course heard of, but had yet to visit), I was drawn in by the fabulous smells of fresh-baked bread.



There are a host of offerings, as well as daily specials (check them all out here). Carbs, glorious carbs.

And the pastries. Oh, the pastries. A lot of time I just ogle the case (or snag the really generously cut samples on the counter). But from tarts to croissants to cookies (I’m partial to the Jennifer cookie for obvious reasons), the pastries are worth the indulgence.

The coffee menu is considerably smaller than the large coffee shops, but the quality and craftsmanship stand out.


And while I’m an earlier bird at On the Rise, they do have a lunch menu that is on my must-try list, with options like a banh mi, a burrata sandwich (yeah, I need this in my world), a PB&J with housemade peanut butter, and more (menu here).

And the staff are so friendly. You really feel like part of a community there. The difference between a place like On the Rise and a coffee shop that’s on every corner is palpable. And that doesn’t mean you won’t ever see me with a red cup in my hand. But at least once a week you’ll find me in a place that is cozy, comfortable, and smells like heaven.


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