Why? Great Lakes Science Center!

Last week, Matthew was off from work and we were in search of fun things to do that would entertain the whole family. So, he, Jeffrey, and I headed to the Great Lakes Science Center for their Winter Week, which incorporated extra activities into the Science Center, including carpet skating, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, and dancing in the snow indoors!


Geared toward families on winter break, Winter Week added festive seasonal fun to the Science Center! Jeffrey particularly enjoyed the carpet skating, which involves scuffing along on the carpet on furniture moving pads with twinkly lights and holiday decorations all around.

While we were there, we also explored other parts of the Great Lakes Science Center, including the NASA Glenn Visitor Center. Jeffrey loved climbing the moon rocks and pretending to be an astronaut fixing things in space.

We also checked out the BioMedTech Gallery, with DNA to build and cities to construct.

We also took in a film at the Cleveland Clinic Dome Theater. We saw “Tiny Giants,” which amazed Jeffrey with the chipmunks and mice and amazed us by the magnitude of the screen!


Our last stop was the Design Zone, a traveling exhibition at the Science Center through January 2. Not just this exhibit, but so many parts of the Science Center are very hands-on, which is wonderful for a toddler! Frankly, I was amazed at how much there was for Jeffrey to enjoy!

The Great Lakes Science Center is perfect family spot for hands-on fun and learning! Check it out soon!

***Disclosure: I was given complimentary general admission tickets and parking to the Great Lakes Science Center. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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