Why? Weekends!

So, this is sort of a weekend recap post. It’s part recap and part heads up, actually. We’ll start with the heads up (in case you haven’t noticed my Instagram feed with pictures of somewhere warmer than the CLE): Matthew and I are vacationing this week! We’re so excited for some fun in the sun and some tropical drinks and all those good things.

I’ll be a touch less post-y. And if you’re someone who gets cranky seeing pictures of beaches when you’re not on one, my Insta feed may not fit you as well this week. But other than that, it’s business as usual. I have a couple posts planned for the week on topics Cleveland-related, so stay tuned!

Now, to the semi-weekend recap. On Friday, I wanted to take Jeffrey for a special lunch, since I was heading out of town on Saturday morning. We’ve gotten into the habit of going to lunch just the two of us on days when he goes to school in the morning. It’s honestly one of my favorite times: a chance for us to connect just the two of us.

I took him to the Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern, because both toddlers and adults can appreciate a hot dog and French fries!


Jeffrey had just a plain hot dog and I went for the “Breakfast of Champions,” with Applewood smoked bacon, hot sauce, everything bagel cream cheese, and a sunny-side up egg. Delicious! Big ups to our server, who brought the more toddler-friendly Heinz ketchup along with the housemade ketchup, too.

I hadn’t been to the East Side iteration of the Happy Dog and found it just as fun and funky and laid back as the West Side version. Jeffrey loved the colorful décor!


While the bar atmosphere and live music wouldn’t make this a kid-friendly spot in the evenings, it was perfect for our lunch!

On Saturday, my parents took Jeffrey to his first show in the Playhouse Square Children’s Theater Series. They saw Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Other Treasured Stories by Eric Carle. This was a perfect first foray into live theater for Jeffrey. The show was an appropriate length and featured characters and stories he already knew.

Jeffrey is also a members of Pals, a Playhouse Square donor program focused on children ages 2-10, which provides access to additional workshops surrounding the Children’s Theater Series, as well as popcorn vouchers (which I think Jeffrey appreciates more at this point) and other benefits. It’s a nice way to connect Jeffrey to an organization that means so much to me!

After the show, they went to lunch at Hofbrauhaus, which offers a great kids menu and a fun atmosphere! It sounds like they had a really wonderful time!

So, that’s my weekend recap/update! Now, it’s back to the pool!



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