Why? Vacation!

We’re back and tanned and relaxed (and perhaps a little obnoxious?). Seriously, the trip was wonderful and just what we needed. I’ve been feeling for awhile like I needed a way to break out of some negative cycles and, for me, vacation (specifically beach vacations) always do that for me.


For the second time, we stayed at Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya. This is an all-inclusive resort that has a ton to offer in terms of location, restaurants, entertainment, and amenities.

Included with our stay, we had access to a lot of water sports and were able to snorkel, kayak, and paddleboard. There is a coral reef not far off shore, as well as numerous sea turtles in the area.

I also did yoga on the beach every morning and found myself joining water aerobics most days too.


You have to stay active, what with all the pool drinks and fabulous food to consume! These passion fruit margaritas were by far my favorite daytime sipper:


And some of my favorite things I ate:

Soft-shell crab tacos


Just about anything from Portofino, the Italian restaurant


Our breakfast in “bed” (OK, really on our terrace)


Gigantic shrimp with chili oil and mushroom risotto


And our romantic surf and turf dinner on the beach (which was a bucket list vacation item for me)


We also enjoyed lots of great entertainment, from a Mexican carnival one afternoon to an awesome rock band that covered everything from Pink Floyd to Journey.


While we were gone, Jeffrey (and Tobey) stayed with my parents (Fitz stayed with Matthew’s dad). It is so nice to be able to take grown-up time away without worrying for a moment if Jeffrey is happy and safe and, frankly, having a wonderful vacation of his own. He played in the snow and at The Little Gym, went to a Heritage Dinner at his school, and got lots of treats!

And while we never worried about him, missing him was a different story. Thank goodness for FaceTime!


Like I said at the beginning, the best part of the trip was the chance to reset, to spend some time with my favorite (adult) guy, and to come back feeling ready to take on the world with a fresh attitude.


Where’s your favorite place to go to reset? And what do you love to do when you’re there?


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