Why? Barre3 Solon!

On Valentine’s Day, I had a chance to start the day with a little self-love by taking a class at Barre3 Solon. The studio was all decked out for the holiday and our teacher, Elizabeth, made love for your body and mind a central focus of the class.


I’ve taken a handful of barre classes, but it had been awhile since I had taken one. So I really appreciated Elizabeth’s detailed explanations of the postures and moves, as well as offering a range of options and modifications for each posture.

What usually keeps me away from or makes me not want to repeat a new workout is feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing and can’t possibly keep up (Zumba, I’m looking at you). So, being able to walk into a relatively new-to-me class and feel welcome, comfortable, and like this was something I could get a handle on was really valuable.

Not only did Barre3 Solon make me feel welcome, but they made Jeffrey feel right at home, too!


They have a beautifully-appointed play area that is staffed during the morning classes, so you can get your workout in, while your kiddo has some fun! Scheduling workout time can be a challenge, as any mom knows, so a place that offers the ability to get in your workout and ensure that your child is happy is just awesome!

The play area is not the only beautifully-appointed part of the studio. From the retail area to the complimentary water, coffee, and oranges to the towel service to the bathrooms that offer a full compliment of toiletries to freshen up after sweating at the barre, this is a great space!

I will confess to being sore for a day or two after the class, but the good kind of sore. The kind of sore that means I worked hard. While I don’t know that anything will ever replace yoga as my go-to activity, I really liked what Barre3 provided not only in the workout, but in the environment. And we all know that changing up your workout routine and using different muscles is good thing. If you want to give it a whirl, just meet me at the barre!

***Disclosure: I was invited by Barre3 Solon to take a complimentary class of my choice. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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