Why? The King and I!

Shall we dance on a bright cloud of music? Shall we fly? Shall we dance? If the dancing is at “The King and I,” currently occupying the stage of the Connor Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square, then the answer is a resounding yes!


I can remember watching the film version of this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic with my mom. I loved the music, I loved how funny the story was at points, and I loved the costumes and sets.

So, it was such a treat to not only get to see the story played out on the stage, where it was originally meant to be seen, but also to see that my favorite things about the movie were in this production.

The costumes and sets are beautifully done and transport you to Siam, with a dash of jolly old England thrown in. The relationship between Anna and the King is just as funny and tense and, yes, romantic as the one between Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in the film. The entire production was breathtaking and sweeping and just lovely.

It’s always difficult to overcome someone’s favorable first impression of a story. Think about when your favorite book was made into a movie. The chances of you loving what was on the screen as much as what you saw when you read it are slim. For me, that’s what I expected from this production of “The King and I.” I thought I’d enjoy it, but I was hesitant to believe that anything could surpass a movie that was integral in my falling in love with musicals in the first place.

“The King and I” did just that. My Mom, who introduced me to the film and is known to sing “Shall We Dance” to Jeffrey on a regular basis, proclaimed it “the best thing [she’s] ever seen.” Truly, it is a wonderful production. Whether you love “The King and I” already or just want to fall in love with this story, don’t miss it!

The show is still at the Connor Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square through this Sunday, February 26, with two performances on both Saturday and Sunday. Click here for tickets.


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