Why? Weekends!

Oh, Cleveland. I love you and your crazy weather swings. I feel like Jeffrey got his first lesson in Cleveland’s weather habits this weekend. This was our Friday evening:


We played in the backyard and grilled hot dogs and brats for dinner. It was glorious. And I’m pretty sure Jeffrey thought it was going to stay that way.

And then, winter came back. But it came back just in time for the kurents to scare it away! Jeffrey and I attended the Cleveland Kurentovanje parade, a Slovenian tradition that features fuzzy kurents that are believed to scare away winter.

The parade was small, but packed with tradition. And while we didn’t head down to the Slovenian National Home for the polkas and shopping, it seemed like everyone was excited to enjoy a full day of Kurentovanje fun!

We also grabbed lunch at Cafe 55, which had a front-row view of the parade. Big ups to the folks at Cafe 55 for making an off-menu grilled cheese for Jeffrey to enjoy!


On Sunday, we met up with my parents for a delicious brunch at Creekside Restaurant and Bar. I’ve always been a big fan of this restaurant, but it was so nice to be there as they celebrate their 25th anniversary this month. Their food is consistently tasty and they regularly update their menu, while still retaining favorites.

Matthew and I both ordered the chicken and waffle, with pecan chicken, Cajun butter, and hot sauce.


It was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and the chicken and waffle were both spot-on in preparation.

Creekside Restaurant can keep everyone from Jeffrey to my parents to my grandpa happy and have done so consistently for 25 years. Here’s to another 25 of deliciousness!

So, that was our weekend outside of Jump Back Ball. How was yours? How did you deal with the crazy weather changes?


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