Why? EatPakd!

I will confess to being the worst at packing lunches. Luckily, I don’t have to pack them for Jeffrey for school yet. But often for play dates, someone will suggest packing lunches and having a picnic. I always agree and then proceed to pack my child the most embarrassing compilation of food.

You want me to cook you a dinner? Fine. You want me to put a lunch in a bag? I can’t manage it for some reason. Let alone the number of times I’ve packed something and left it at home, necessitating a “packed” lunch that is essentially whatever random goods I could pull together from the Walgreens food aisle. It’s not pretty.

Which is why EatPakd is a god-send! EatPakd ships you pre-packed, kid-approved lunches that are crafted by nutritionists. Jeffrey and I recently had the chance to sample EatPakd and I was impressed with both the variety and quality of the lunches.


The Aloha Pak featured ham, whole wheat crackers, sliced cucumbers, pineapple bites, and chocolate coconut cookies. This Pak was created by a junior chef (kiddo) named Darla. It was healthy and balanced. And Jeffrey loved everything from the fun packaging to the food itself.


We also got to try the Breakfast for Lunch Pak (with an egg, cheese and veggie quesadilla), the Turkey and Cheese Please Pak, and the Turkey Meatball Pak.


Each Pak has a main dish, vegetables, fruit, and a small sweet treat. Jeffrey really enjoyed the brownies (and I thought they were pretty tasty too). When you go online to check the Pak options, you can even see calorie, sugar, and fat counts. You can order from the large selection of the pre-made Paks or build your own (assuming you can be trusted to construct lunches, which I clearly cannot).

You simply place your order online and then presto! A refrigerated box of Paks lands at your door, ready for mealtime goodness. So many times convenience and healthy balance don’t go hand in hand, but with EatPakd, they do. I can feel good about the lunch I’m giving Jeffrey, while also saving time!

EatPakd works on a subscription plan and you can choose 4, 8, or 12 Paks per week. 4 Paks per week costs $26, 8 Paks per week costs $50, and 12 Paks per week costs $72. Click here for more information on subscription plans.

And if you want to give EatPakd a whirl, you can use code WHYCLE at checkout, which will get you 4 Paks for just $11. The code will expire on March 1, 2018 and is valid for new customers in the delivery zone only.

EatPakd is now available in the Cleveland area, so check ’em out for healthy, delicious, and easy lunches that both you and your kiddo can feel good about!

***Disclosure: I was invited to try 4 complimentary EatPakd lunches and to share my experience. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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