Why? Mia Bella Restaurant!

In a town that is packed with amazing restaurants, it can be tough to get around to all the places you want to go. I consistently heard great things about Mia Bella Restaurant in Little Italy, but I had yet to eat there.

On Sunday, we met up with friends for dinner at Mia Bella. We all met when our kids were in the same class at Goldfish Swim School…who knew swim class would produce such great adult friendships too?!

Matthew and I started by sharing the crab bruschetta, a special for the evening. The flavors were light and citrusy.


For my entrée, I had the veal ravioli with artichoke, marinara, and basil. This traditional Italian dish was done perfectly and I enjoyed every single bite!


Matthew chose the cheese tortellini, with tomato cream sauce, peas, and prosciutto. He also added a chicken breast to his meal. Mia Bella’s cheese tortellini was named a Taste of Little Italy Award Winner and it’s not hard to see why. Creamy, spicy, rich, and delicious…this dish had it all!

Our tablemates branched out beyond just the amazing pasta selections. The Chef’s Favorite pizza, with pesto, chorizo, smoked mozzarella, onions, and peppers, received rave reviews.


The ribeye steak with baked rosemary potatoes and asparagus was also devoured!


For dessert, the chocolate decadence (a light and airy mousse with a ganache shell) and the sea salt caramel chocolate soufflé (more lava cake than soufflé, but still delicious) made sweet endings to a lovely evening.

I’m so glad I finally got to Mia Bella Restaurant and I’m sure we’ll be visiting again soon! What is a restaurant that you keep meaning to try, but not getting around to?


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