Why? Bertman’s Original Ballpark Mustard!

I love when Cleveland businesses collaborate to not only help each other out, but also create something totally delicious! Last night, we got to see how Bertman’s Original Ballpark Mustard and The Proper Pig Smokehouse blend their individual amazing brands to create a culinary feast!


Bertman’s Original Ballpark Mustard has been a Cleveland tradition for over 90 years. Most people immediately reach for the Bertman’s to top their hot dog or brat. But Bertman’s wants you to “think outside the bun” when using this delicious mustard.

Which is where our dinner at The Proper Pig Smokehouse came in. We started with a traditional application of Bertman’s, but with one of their newer products: a Texas hot link beef sausage topped with Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer mustard.

IMG_1295 (1)

Add a little dash of Cleveland Kraut and you had the perfect hometown sandwich. And check out that heaping helping of potato salad, with the yummy tang of Bertman’s Original in the mix.

Next up, it was time for some serious meat.


Both the beef brisket and the beef rib at The Proper Pig use Bertman’s Mustard along with The Proper Pig’s own seasoning blend for a mouth-watering crust on the meat.


The Bertman’s Horseradish Sauce was a great compliment to the beef rib too!

I always have a bottle of Bertman’s Original Mustard in the house, but now I’m thinking about all the ways that Bertman’s can be used to enhance the recipes I make. Everything from our dinner except for the sweet treat banana pudding contained Bertman’s. And it was nothing short of fantastic!

Isn’t that kind of true of so many things in Cleveland? While there are classic, traditional, and still wonderful applications, you can also take something that’s been in Cleveland for 90-plus years and turn it into something contemporary and fresh.

At our dinner, we also had the chance to chat and eat and drink with the CEO and COO of Bertman’s, which I say not to sound impressive, but to stress that the folks running this Cleveland company are as down-to-earth and friendly and real as people running a Cleveland mainstay business should be.

Bertman’s definitely has me thinking outside the bun! Stay tuned for a recipe or two featuring Bertman’s products. And keep your eyes open for Bertman’s popping up on menus at some of your favorite Cleveland restaurants, too!

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend a dinner with Bertman’s Original Ballpark Mustard at The Proper Pig Smokehouse. Our food and drink for the evening were complimentary. I also received a box of Bertman’s products to take home. As always, all opinions and loyalty to Cleveland condiments are 100% my own.***


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