Why? Tough as Milk and Peripeti Home!

When you spend all week worrying that the outdoor yoga class you scheduled to be held in your backyard will get rained out and you forget to worry about it being 90 degrees…

On Saturday, I hosted a yoga class in my backyard, which was kind of like a dream come true for this vinyasa-loving girl. But this wasn’t just any yoga class, it was a “Shift,” a donation-based class to benefit Tough as Milk.


Tough as Milk is a local organization that provides trauma-informed fitness and wellness classes to women who are survivors of domestic violence, particularly while they are in shelters. These classes are taught with the specific needs of domestic violence survivors in mind and can help them start to find healing and peace in their bodies during traumatic times.

Tough as Milk’s founder, Bilyana, taught our class and shared a bit of the harrowing story of domestic violence that she and her mother endured at the hands of her father.


Yoga was a way for Bilyana to find healing in her own life and now she is bringing her unique insights into domestic violence survivors and her passion for yoga to incredible use and purpose.

I know how much yoga has helped me in my own life to find peace, strength, calm, and insight.

IMG_3740 (1)

I can only imagine how powerful a force it could be for someone coming through the struggles of domestic violence. I am so grateful to the women in my life who showed up for this amazing cause and for a lovely (albeit hot) afternoon of connecting through movement and intention.


Even Fitz got into it!


If you’re interested in hosting a Shift of your own, you can learn more here and you can stay up-to-date on Tough as Milk’s upcoming public events here.

And I can’t fail to mention that adding a bit of ambiance to our yoga Shift were some Nature’s Shield candles from the Cleveland-based Peripeti Home.


I connected with this great local business and we decided that keeping the yoga Shift bug-free and smelling lovely seemed like the perfect thing!

The Nature’s Shield candles smell great, naturally keep pests away, and burn cleanly and for long time (we had them going most of Friday night when we were in the yard too.) Peripeti Home was nice enough to provide take-home gifts for all the yogis, too!


These candles are made here in Cleveland with natural soy, use a wooden wick so they crackle like a campfire (LOVE), and come in a bunch of fabulous scents and designs (obviously the Cleveland landmark series is my favorite.)

You know I love to support and spread the word about great local businesses! Peripeti Home is not only putting out great products, but they were eager to partner up for an event combining yoga and charity, which makes them super cool in my book. You can purchase their products online or check out their social media feeds for where else to find them!

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend recap, coming tomorrow!

***Disclosure: I was contacted by Peripeti Candles to help promote their Nature’s Shield candles. I was provided with two Nature’s Shield candles for my own use, as well as mini candles to give to those attending the yoga Shift. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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