Why? Smokin’ Q’s BBQ and Beer House!

When I was about six weeks pregnant with Jeffrey, we went on a trip to Texas to visit Matthew’s family. I was so excited for real Texas BBQ. I researched restaurants and had a plan of how to maximize brisket consumption.

Then, we arrived. I got off the plane and the very smell of smoked meat made me sick. And all of Texas smells like smoked meat. It’s like cologne at Abercrombie. I think they pipe it in. So, needless to say, I didn’t get my fill of Texas BBQ on that trip.

Lucky for me, Texas-style BBQ is hot right now on the Cleveland restaurant scene. And since I’m not six weeks pregnant, the smell of smoked meat is A-OK with me.

Last week, I met up with friends for dinner at Smokin’ Q’s BBQ and Beer House.


Smokin’ Q’s is helmed by Carl Quagliata of Giovanni’s Ristorante. The restaurant offers a great selection of craft beers and a nice cocktail selection too. I chose the “Bad Ass” with OYO vodka, ginger beer, mint, and lime.

Unable to resist brisket or poutine, we shared an order of the poutine topped with beef brisket, house sauce, cheddar curds, and pickles. I loved the smoky flavor of the house sauce and the tenderness of the brisket.


For my entree, I got the smoked Ohio Amish chicken. You can get your meats served with brioche, slaw, pickles, and house sauce (traditional style) or with tortillas, slaw, salsa, and guacamole (El Jefe style.)


The chicken was moist and tender and the spicy sauce gave it a great kick.

Smokin’ Q’s also offers tacos and sandwiches, in addition to the traditional BBQ meat platters. I can’t complain about the expansion of the BBQ offerings in Cleveland. The ones I ‘ve tried have been tasty, flavorful, and bring a slice of the southwest to our hometown.


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