Why? SoulConnect Tribe!

A few months ago, I told you about SoulConnect Tribe, helmed by the lovely Katie Kurtz.

Katie in her element: connecting and eating ice cream

I finally got a chance to attend one of the monthly SoulConnect gatherings, this time held at Mason’s Creamery.


I can never resist ice cream and when you pair that with a chance to connect with some like-minded, open-hearted ladies, you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect evening.


I ordered the affogato, because I feel like at Mason’s, while the ice cream can 100% stand on its own, you owe it to yourself to get a churro or an egg waffle or something out of the usual ice cream shop box. So take a scoop of their French Toast ice cream, pour some espresso over it and you have a creamy, dreamy breakfast-like treat.

But, I wasn’t just there for the affogato. Read the paper in the picture above. Or just focus on this: In our Tribe (you already belong.) How amazing is that? There was an instant comfort level among the ladies attending the event. And while we had some questions to help prompt conversation, I found the conversations immediately took deeper turns. There was not a lot of simply small talk. We dove into dreams of new jobs, hopes for the fate of relationships, and more.

And we took selfies…

Hey, Annie’s Sweet Shop!

It was open, real, honest connection, which can only happen when everyone comes to the table with a mind and heart that can accept and reciprocate that. And I think SoulConnect Tribe can serve a lot of purposes. It can be a way to find new friends. It can be a safe space to voice hopes, fears, and dreams. It can be a break from the grind of every day life, with a chance to do something purely for you. It can be a chance to connect with ladies in similar and entirely different life circumstances and all learn from each other.

As Katie said, it is not a support group, it is a supportive group. And can’t we all use a little more of that?

If this kind of connection sounds like your jam, sign up for the SoulConnect Tribe email newsletter to stay informed of the next gathering. They are held monthly at female-owned businesses in the Cleveland area. And while last night’s was my first meet-up, it most certainly won’t be my last!


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