Why? Weekends!

It was feeling pretty tropical this weekend. OK, it was hot! On Friday, Jeffrey and I met up with friends for a play date at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. There are not only beautiful gardens and the Manor House to explore, there are also beautiful and fun children's gardens.


There are musical elements, bubbles, a sandbox, lawn bowling, and a huge Tudor-style play house.


There was also a butterfly house that Jeffrey loved exploring. Stan Hywet offers an elegant and lovely setting, even for the youngest visitors!

Friday evening, we started preparing for our annual summer BBQ. Jeffrey was a big help in the kitchen, assisting me with making brownies and M&M cookies.


Saturday morning, Jeffrey and I made a breakfast stop at Luna Bakery & Cafe. Their pastries are so delicious! I couldn't resist grabbing an almond croissant and Jeffrey snagged a couple macarons.


Really, our purpose in going to Luna that day was to pick up a special order of Cleveland skyline sugar cookies.


Our BBQ coincided with Cleveland's birthday, so I needed something to celebrate! These cookies were adorable and delicious!

Then it was time for the fifth annual BBQ in our backyard. This is always one of our favorite evenings of the summer: lots of food, tons of friends from so many different parts of our lives, so much fun!


The weather cleared up perfectly and we were able to enjoy being outside. And that picture above is literally the only one I took all night. I was too busy being present, which was really lovely and much needed.

On Sunday, after party clean-up was done, we took Jeffrey to Oktoberfest in July, with lots of good summer festival rides and games (and Disco Inferno too!)

IMG_4893 (1)

That was our weekend! Our BBQ has become an essential part of our summer and so this weekend felt pretty perfect!


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