Why? Synergy Sports Therapy!

Last night, I took my yoga practice airborne at Synergy Sports Therapy‘s Antigravity Yoga class.


Even if you practice regularly, Antigravity Yoga is a completely different experience. Your strength and flexibility from a traditional yoga practice will serve you well, but the poses are different and the sensation of swinging above the ground adds a new element to adjust in your body.


Our teacher Samantha pointed out that there’s a lot of trust that goes into Antigravity Yoga: trusting that the hammock will hold you (it will,) trusting your instructor to make sure you’re locking into poses properly (she will,) and trusting your own body to tell you what you can do (it will.)

Aside from poses like bell and flying shoulder stand (both pictured above,) I also really enjoyed savasana and cobbler’s pose, both of which cocoon you in your hammock and are really calming and relaxing.

Synergy Sports Therapy offers three different types of Antigravity classes:

  • Open Level Yoga, which is what I took last night and takes you from simple inversions to more advanced poses (don’t worry if you’re a beginner: I definitely was and got plenty of help from both the teacher and other students)
  • Restorative Yoga, which combines gentle inversion with deep relaxation
  • Suspension Fitness, which focuses on increasing cardio and muscular capacity

Beyond the Antigravity classes, Synergy Sports Therapy offers a host of other therapeutic services that cater to athletes and everyday folks alike. There are a variety of massage therapies offered from sports massage to prenatal massage.


You can also try out newer, cutting-edge therapies like Cryotherapy, Float Therapy (I think I need to work up to being able to stay in a bubble bath first, but I kind of want to try this,) and Normatec Recovery Boots.

Everything offered at Synergy Sports Therapy is researched and designed to be therapeutic and beneficial to your whole body and well-being, so you can feel confident that you are doing something good for yourself.

Plus, the facility is brand new, gorgeous, bright, and relaxing! I had so much fun exploring Anitgravity Yoga and definitely want to try it again (maybe with some time after class for a massage!)

***Disclosure: I was invited to choose a complimentary service or class at Synergy Sports Therapy and share my experience. My class selection and, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.***


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